16 May 2010

im a loner, forever will be.


this post is really random. im annoyed. and i feel like crying. shit, i need someone to make me laugh. i need some jokes that can make me laugh happily.

okaay, i dont know what to post seriously. its random but still dont know what to talk and i insist to post something now. what will you do if you are annoyed ? i guess im the strangest person in the world (pathetic). i cry when im annoyed or angry.  i cry when im sad. i think i cry a lot. then why ? is that a sin ? i hate crying when im annoyed. i dont want to but my heart want it and it makes my eyes produce tears.
recently, my mood change drastically. i laugh easily and i cry easily. shit. i hate being an 'easily cry' girl. im a coward. im not brave enough to face the problem i got. im not patience enough to face my brother (he's super duper fucking annoying !) well, whatever is that, i still have to let him. he's smaller. i hate the fact that he's smaller than me so that i have to let him.

bytheway, look at my nails ! its tosca and pink. lovelove :D

and, i dont know what to say again. sorry for this shitty post. thanks and BYE :)

im a loner, forever will be ;p