04 July 2013


uni life is getting nearer. sad. i have grown up and i dont feel like growing up.

01 June 2013



27 February 2013


SEVENTEEN, legal age.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you, very much (:

24 November 2012


its been a superrrrr long time since the last time i posted something. or is the time fly too fast ? WHYYYYYYY TIME RUNS FASTER THAN EVERYTHING............

these days are hard, but they will pass :) soon, i hope so. school sucks as usual. hectic week. exam is right in front of my eyes. and holiday afterwards. HWAITINGGGG !!!!!! xD

26 September 2012

keep going.

haven't i done the best i can ?
life goes on. chase the future and don't ever look back. stay positive. i feel like............ shit.

14 July 2012


A great 21 days with awesome people inside. New friends, new experiences. Although, the schedule is not well-arranged, still the trip is unforgettable.

Cried a lot in the last 3 days before going back to Indonesia. The never-ending memories. Those awesome people who make Taiwan become an unforgettable place. Hope to see you guys again next timeeeee x.

13 June 2012


It's middle of June. How time flies. The final exam is done. I'm leaving for Medan tomorrow and going to Taiwan on Monday for a programme that I'm not really sure. I'm leaving for 3 weeks. Excited. Yet worried. I've just realized that being far away from home for a quite long time without mom is quite worrying and bugging me lol. I hope I can enjoy the trip though. My mom and dad are a bit worried because I fell sick two days ago, but fortunately my body is healing. Fast enough. Perfectly in time. I've done my packing. Bringing a medium size luggage full of clothes. I'm about to bring less clothes but can't help thinking about lacking of clothes. By the time I'm at Taiwan, I will miss a lot of things and occasions, hopefully, everything are worth it. The final exam result are disappointing, well maybe I'm not good enough.
Evan and David are leaving Batam for their higher education at Malaysia on July. I'm sad knowing that they will leave soon. We've been hanging out and having fun a lot of times together. They're like brother for me, although we don't share a lot of things together. Feel like hugging both of you ): Asking them to make a farewell party before I leave, because when they leave, I'm still somewhere in Taiwan. It's just an ordinary bbq dinner. If only they arranged the party, a lot of people would cry I bet, including me.
Well, best luck for both of you buddy :') iloveyou<3 meet you guys soon x.
And wish me luck to for the trip and everything.