24 May 2010

im so good at making a crap. agree with me !

hell-o :D another shitty post for today, hehe. attend the flag ceremony this morning because of there is like "pelantikan" osis 2010-2011. i used to be a member of osis and ms. rosa ask me to join. (its evan fault actually -,- he mentioned my name !) we (the old member of osis) are like giving our duty to them (the new member). this is so complicated, dont you think so ? haha
done with the flag ceremony, we go to the principal's office. mw cap 3 jari di ijazah. hehe. and saw my UN score too !

its 36.20 rendah jg yaaa -,-

my heaaaad. its like WOW, SO BIG ! -,-

then, go here go there. then, we go to the canteen and talk bullshit. there are me, evan, ryan, inyoi, kunto, henokh item, tian, sisko, and andrew.

natasya, grade six student . suddenly come, sit, see my phone and say : "eh, aku foto driku sndri yaa"

well, im the only girl and i used to it :p there is tommy actually but he went home earlier. before that i also chat with tommy, andrew, kunto and wisely, hehe :p then decided to go to fatmawati with michelle n., michelle a., adeline, brigette, and evan ! lotsa fuuuuun :DD we took a lotsa pict. i love mitchy macbook ! it makes me look pretty ! im fugly -,- hihi :p

spend a lot of time there. and finally went home. arrive home, i open my laptop afsap. tian has been waiting for me. waiting for what ? pb ! hehe. im playing this game recently ;) hehe.

on saturday, i went to school. intended to do the mading thingy but at the end we did nothing ! i found new thing at my school. its a new corner there !

then evan, hans, henokh item, andrew, randy, ecka and michelle a. went to my to eat. and also amel !

hehe. after that michelle and ecka went home and the rest of us went to my room and talk. we talk about anything ! hihi :p after almost everyone went home, we (evan, amel, randy, henokh item) decided to went to farmer to bought ice cream. and then henokh went home. the 4th of us went to fatmawati. we chat for like 3 hours (?) then went to cita rasa to eat. hehe. then went home.
i know this post is effin boring. im sorry DX
here, i found some oldies pict ! haha ;D

grade 8.  study tour to malaysia ! seeeee ! there is glenn there !

chacha, amel, vanessa, ecka, ryan.
love this pic, we are so fucking KOOL :p


@ harris with my small cousiiiin <3

IXA. not all sih the people. hehe.

i love baby beeeen :*

kay, this is the end of my bullshit :)
goodbyeeeeeeee ! xx



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It is easier to get than to keep it...................................................