27 May 2010

cherish me while im here.

this are some pictures when we are at fatmawati as what i have told ya at my last post.

bri, you are so sexy ! ;)

went swimming just now with amelia, fransisca and rebeca ;) have lotsa fun. well, except the toilet. the toilet is really DIRTY -,- then eat at fatma. intending to go to nh but then cancelled. so, we went straight to michelle a. home :) talk a lot there. haha. then, the tummy started to make a sound which mean hungry. decided to ordered some food from warung pizza but then change our mind. we went to warung pizza straightly by amelia's car.

after we are done, we chatted there. nostalgiaaaa :p the things we did when we are in elementry. stupid yet funny ! HAHA. went home at 3.
bytheway, on tuesday i went to tg batu AGAIN to pray for the 100 days of grandpa. and have my hair dyed there. its like orange red-ish. and know what ? damn regret it i feel like a........... oh cha ! just say it. ok. i feel like a WHORE. like a BITCH :'( im fugly. no lies.

then, also went to jhonny andrean (how to spell ?)  did manicure and the result was damn bad -,- untidy and fugly. since it is ugly and its not nice to see, im lazy to took a pict of it.
on tuesday, we went to mcd to grab some food after school. i mean after the "cap 3 jari" thingy. then we went to nh. we walk ! its far you know. FAR. haha. and when we wanted to went in, the security came. he didnt let us to go into nh with the school uniforms. so, we started to think how to go into there. and finally we went in from the other side. understand what i say ? hehe. then the boys asked andrew to bought a 15.000 tshirt so that they could go into nh 'safely'. the want to play pb at best 1. except inyoi and hans. they joined the girls to go to inul. karaoke. and after that, i went home. tgbatu is waiting for meeeeee.
and this is the pict of us when we are at mcdonalds :D

hans, ryan, evan, randy, amelia, ecka, munich, michelle a, inyoi, me, andrew :)
oh yeaaa, find this at ka nat tumblr. and i find it so true ! :p

and the last. yesssss, i find this thing really cute ! its DANBO :) someone buy it for meeeeee :p

kay. end of the post.
somehow, i wish you are here. for me.