13 February 2010

yo sweet :) how's life treating ? last week retreat was not as bad as what i think. except for bathing. the priest who lead the retreat called Rm. Andre. we (9a and 9b) are divided into group. there are 5 groups. im in the same group with tommy, henokh item, brigette, vanessa, regina, egla, claudia and amandus. 
at first we are asked to make somekind like organisation or whatever it is called. here are some pic. the inet is way too slow and it makes me feel lazy to upload the photo. for more photo, just see @ my facebook or amelia's. 
group 1
michelle, henokh, jeremy, aldo, hans, roland, yeremi, audi, hany, cynthia

group 2
adeline, veronica ong, ruben, ecka, tian, donny, wisely, sisco, amelia, evan 
this is group is so kool loh. especially when some of them rap, lol :D

group 3, my group :)

group 4
munich, damian, veronica n., nicolaus, petra, andrew, renata, angel, unknown (idk who's standing behind damian)

group 5
ramos, randy, david, ryan, velis, kezia, michelle n, melissa, chelsy.

we also play some games. i feel really lazy to explain. just see the pic la.

wake up at 5.30 to do some exercises. 

eating oops mix with milo. how's the taste ? DELICIOUS. hueeks. see my group, everyone feels like vomiting. of course, my group are the loser, lol.

throwing the ball into the basket. the only game that is won by my group. haha.

cracking the code ? hard to explain how this game is played.

moving the ball with a pipe.

we have to make an action from the bible story, so the other group can guess what is that.

perumpamaan tentang domba yang hilang.

perumpamaan pengampunan.

perumpamaan tentang lazarus dan orang kaya.

perumpamaan tentang biji-biji benih ? (klo ga salah, aku lupa dan males buka kitab suci)

perumpamaan tentang orang samaria yang baik hati.

still got a lot of thing. like "basuh kaki temen" ( idk whats the english for that) and many more la. just feel lazy to tell. 

last thing from us :)

okaay, enough till here. tonight, goin to have like family gathering at my home. dont know why, im not excited for that. gah.