22 January 2010

the happiness should cover all of this.

i miss blogging so much dudes. this is my post since maybe 2 weeks ago or more ? shit man. i cant go online. not anymore till everything are settled :(
my life's boring. i got no story to tell.  routine, normal, not exciting at all. im getting bored of it. no computer, no internet. gaah -,- i have already done tryout twice. and the score is not bad but its not enough !
so, chinese new year is coming soon. and I GOT NO HOLIDAY. yess, thats the decision from the education department. we got the second tryout from the government at that moment.
tomorrow im goin to do my computer project. photoshop thingy. my group : renata, veronica. vero ? lol.
everyone, my friend are busy with their new high school. i think half of them are going out from here, batam. so niceee. while me ? im staying here. i WILL go to yos sudarso. wtf man ? hais :(
so whaat ? i got no choice what.

k laa. dont know what to talk.
FYI, im not going to update my blog except i got a chance like this. sneaking while parents are not here =P

goodbye ><