17 March 2010

they are the one.

hey, meet again ! (omg, this is lame -,-)
on monday, we celebrated amelia's 15th bday. her bday is on 11th of march. at that time, we are still doing our exam. so, she celebrate it that day and she treated us at warung pizza.

there were rebeca, adeline, michelle, evan, brigette, munich, inyoi, jesicca, ruben, vanessa, regina, me, and of course the bday girl, AMELIA :P
there were christy actually but, she went home just before the photoshoot session start.
different with christy, henokh came for a while and went to his tution place not far from there.

rubeeeeen and me :)

i look like a STUPID MORON here -,-

there are still another picture that i dont have so i dont post it here. btw, here is the bday girl :p

sorry, its a bit dark.
wish you all the best ameliaaaaa ! <3

the next day, i went to bcs to celebrate audy's 15th bday. her bday is actually on 17th of march which is today. but i think yesterday was the best day to celebrate because its HOLIDAY :) its nyepi (what's nyepi in english ?)
i went there with evan, regina and adeline.

regina was like so afraid because that's the first time she wore a skirt infront of many people. even when i hold her hands, her hands are both shaking, lol. she's nervous i bet :p i think she's nice with the skirt.

imagine that ! audy invited 22 people to her bday. we watched alice in the wonderland. that's the second time i watched it.

there were me, priscilla, regina, adeline, renata, angel, velis, vero ong, michelle, melissa, kezia, eriana, evan, hans, ryan, randy, aldo, andrew, peter, henokh, and blablabla.
done with watching, we went to kfc to grab some food.

henokh and erii are a sweet couple :) they wore the same clothes and holding hands, lol. wherever eriana go, henokh follow. haha :D

after eating, we went to gramedia. then went to play bowling.


here's the tragedy happen. regina lost her phone and i think it had been stolen by someone. i became like a bit afraid. we help her to find the handphone but its useless. someone took it at shut it down. so, we decide to gave up. the boys went to internet cafe to play online games and the girls went to a shop to find present for amel. then we went to bfc. and went home finally at 7. what a tiring and fun day :)

ps: do my blog look better than before ? i hope so :s and im not goin to post till next month, maybe ? dont miss me :p

goodbye :(


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