01 January 2010

singapore, new year eve.

blogpuff <3
i havent post since er, maybe last 2 weeks. and i really really feel like blogging now ! :)
so, i go to sg for the second time. stay at erku house 4 days (28 dec - 31 dec). go there alone. have been wanting to do that !
the first day i go there, i go nowhere. already so late.
the second day, i go to compass point then went vivo met i mariani and clara :D
the we go eat haagen dazs. go shop and went home.
the third day,  go to science centre with darren. we go see the body world then go to science centre and watch at imax ? (if im not mistaken). met amelia there ! then go suntec city to eat and actually watch but got nothing to watch so, we go to the game centre to play. after that go walk to marina square. then go to singapore flyer. only go. actually we want to go to the marina barage but that damn taxi driver dont know where the place. stupid huh ? lol. then go to vivo eat ice cream. its ben and jerry ! then go walk walk till 8 o'clock maybe go to mac eat fries then go home. arrive at erku home, eat dinner then she takes me to fair price. buy chocolate there.
the fourth day which mean the last day. wake up at around 11 then book ticket at 2.40 and directly go to harbourfront. after that, i go home safely ! yessh :D
(sorry got no pic :D)

this time new year eve spend at i princip's house bbq. not so crowd as usual. after bbq we go chat then play the fireworks. i dont play, the boys do ! the me, i princip, munich, berlin, jason, jordan and ia stand at the top of the pick-up (is it ?) and om budi drives. we go keliling-keliling like an insane. then i princip keep saying "thank you thank you", "i love you", and other words. she dreams like she's an actress, lol. after that, we go back and eat ice cream then go home. arrive at home i go sleep. tired. hehe.

kk, finish the story. quite boring huh ?! haha.
bye xD