01 January 2010

hey, its 2010 dudes :D

today is new year. 1st january 2010. just now go to grandma's home then go to nongsa point marina with 3i and 2i also follow and felix, derrick and louis also :D

also go to megamall buy snacks to eat and i buy green tea freeze at j.co <3 fuckin delicious :)

then, after go there, back to central. they go swim but i dont. lazy -,-
and after that go home.

school's starting soon ! and i dont wish too. i dont miss school. i dont miss everything at school. why dont they give us i more month for holiday. time flies so fast when its holiday. grrr.
i havent done my physics summary and i dont feel like doing it and the fuckest thing is i got test at my first day at school (maybe). mana gatau lagi bahannya apa =="

this is what im goin to tell you. i really really hate the smell of the SMOKE. hell yaa ! F.
the smoker will always sucks till they stop doin that action _|_

okaay la. got no mood to blog bcs of unreasonable reason, gah.