02 January 2010

a bit flashback. honest ! :D

i got this from someone's blog and i copy it without permission. no offence, sorry :)
so, this what i did in 2009.

what i make it bold, is what i did.

stayed single
got your first kiss
kissed someone new
made out for the first time
made out in a car
kissed in the snow
kissed in the rain
fell in love
fell in love with a fool
had your heart broken

broke someone else’s heart

had a stalker
had a good relationship with someone
got head
questioned your sexual orientation
came out of the closet
gotten pregnant
gotten someone else pregnant
had an abortion
gotten married
had a divorce
had a gay marriage
kissed someone of the same sex
dated someone you’ll never forget
done something you’ve regretted

lost your true love forever
lost faith in love
kissed under mistletoe

got a promotion
got a pay raise
changed jobs
lost your job
quit your job
dated a co-worker
dated your boss
dated your boss’ daughter/son
got fired from your job
got straight A’s
met one teacher you really like
met one teacher you really hated
found the subject you love

failed a class
cut class
skipped school

got into a fight with a classmate

did something you were proud of
discovered a new talent
gave the teachers a reason to teach
proved yourself an idiot
embarrassed yourself in front of the class

fell in love with a teacher
got a part in the school play
made a varsity team
were involved in something you’ll never forget

painted a picture
wrote a poem
ran a mile
listened to music you couldn’t stand


went to a sleepover
went to camp
threw a surprise party
laughed till you cried

flirted shamelessly
visited a foreign country
visited a foreign state

cooked a disastrous meal
lost something important to you
got a gift you adore
realized something new about yourself

went on a diet
tried to gain weight
dyed your hair
came close to losing your life
someone close to you died
reunited with a friend

made an accomplishment that shocked everyone
realized your truest friends
told a secret that would ruin your life if revealed
threw a wild party
went to a wild party
drank alcohol
drank alcohol underage
did drugs
got drunk
got arrested
read a great book
saw a great movie

saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
saw your favorite band/artist live
saw someone famous in person
did something you want to tell everyone
enjoyed this year so far.

thats all that i did. peacee ! :D