25 December 2009

merry xmas to ya all !

hey hey blogpuff ! so, hows your xmas ? mine's not so good la. got no present. hehe.
so, yesterday, my fam, my 3i fam and 2i and her husband + louis go to the la costa at around 10 o'clock. we order some food and drinks but so not nice. everystuff that we ordered are not so delicious. then, we went home at around 12 o'clock.
i slept at 3 o'clock and wake up at around 9.30. goin church with mom and brot. then my 3i fam also go. after that we went to nh eat grand duck and 2i and her husband came with louis. finish eating, i take my lil' cousin to index, play the playground. i also want to play but its written there "under 10". i wish i was a child, haha.



my loves <3

after playing, we go seperate. me, mom and brot go with 2i and 3i go home. then go to 2i office then bcs, and finally go home. i feel really sleepy. so, i take a nap. and now i alrd woke up :) goin resto later.  
i dont really enjoy this year xmas. i feel something missing. well, nevermind though. next year i will spend my xmas with YOU ! wkwkwk. you say it right ?

bubye ! <3