08 December 2009

class meeting day 1

exam's over and the class meeting start !
today is the first day. the theme today is WATER DAY.
the first is painting with the part of the body. quite fun.

at first im thinkin, "oh man, what we are goin to draw. we dont even talk what the theme"

and finally, ok lets draw the sunset with the building.

and its AWFUL !

there's something different up there. the colour.

and after we re-colour the drawing. this is the drawing.
9A !

9b's one also nice.

i dont have the other class pic. you may see it at amelia's blog.
the second is moving the water at the glass from head to head. i dont take a part at this game.

thats just a few picture. i got some more and im lazy to upload it :)
the third is moving water in the glass by making a circle. hard to explain how. just see the pic !

my group ! and the loser T__T

renata falls down for i think thrice. everytime she falls down, i also fall down. haaha.

still loads of pic and im too lazy too upload it.
tomorrow volley. hope its gonna be as fun as today !

i already some of my score.
science : 76
religion : 85 and 80
art theory : 84
mandarin : 100 and 90
not too bad i guess ?

okaah, gotta go !