09 December 2009

class meeting day 2

hulloh blogpuff !
im not fine today. im not so into today. today's classmeeting is volley. i dont play. i cant play volley. im just disturbing them if i play.

idk who's the winner. i dont really pay attention here. what i know is my class win when they fight against 9b. with the first score 1-1, second score 1-1 and the third 21-16 for 9a.
and so what am i doing for the whole day ?
first, we are making some noise by singing.

henokh is indeed a good guitar player. i bet he will be a famous guitar player oneday, lol.

after that, ms. rosa called me to help her hanging the drawing that we drew yesterday. im not helping much bcs idk how to. here are the pic.





and the rest i dont feel like uploading it. i mean i have upload it in my previous post. so i dont think i need to do that again. so, after that, i go downstairs and watch 9a vs 9b volley. after finish, me, tommy and andrew go to the canteen, buy food and go upstairs to eat. there are ruben, bri and myshel. then myshel and bri go downstairs. so, i chat with the boys. then henokh and aldo come.

sorry, a bit dark.

after being scold by ms. rosa bcs we make a noise, we go upstairs. 9b want to talk for their perkusi for tomorrow. wow, i envy them. they make a great team. then i follow them. i ask tommy for a pic but he gives me this !

his ass ! ROFL.

then i decided to call my classmates that dont join the volley to go upstairs to discuss for tomorrow. after a while we are asked to go downstairs to see gaby sings. he join the idola cilik 3. meet him at rcti on monday, 14 december 2009 at 1 pm. support him by sms-ing. i dont like him too much. this is just a small promotion for him. after he sing, i ask for ms. rosa helps to 'kumpulin' 9a. not everyone come and i dont really care. ok, after talk for the thing to bring tomorrow,
ryan : kalo pake panci gitu gmn ?
me : oh, km yg bawa yaa
ryan : kan cmn usulin. mkny ak nny. sok" x mntg" km yg koordinator !
WHAT THE FUCK ?!  then, i throw the paper and the pencil that i hold and go home ! well, i dont wanna care for tomorrow and the next next day. im tired of all. i have tried hard to be patience. not to mad. arrgh ! i just hate him. i dont what to do. maybe im pushing my feeling too hard. whatever is that, i have tried to be patience. i really dont want to make a trouble. honestly, im dissapointed and think "oh man, is this my ex ?" LOL.
then, when i went home, i press the bell and noone open the door for me. i went to regina's borrowing the telephone. then go home. and so on. life's go on.
i got new maid. her name is JULEHA. huahahahah.
okah, thats all for today.