06 December 2009

im lovin thiiiis !

blogpuff ! exam is ALMOST over. tomorrow is just the last day ! yeaaay ! after a week of disaster. the exam is just like a crap. im not sure if i can get a good score for all the subject except mandarin ! tomorrow's computer theory and english. well, i dont really care bout those subject now. im lazy ! how can i study if im laaazy ? whatever is the score, i dont give a fuck. bcs i have done my best for those paper and i dont goin anywhere anyway. im not going to study out of here. im stuck here. so who cares ?

yday i make cookies with my aunt and nephew. i got the pics. upload, later. tomorrow im going to watch new moon wit evan, dkk again. actually ninja assasin too. but i dont think i can join them. i got course. T__T
ahh, just enjoy it first laaa.

i dont how to say it. i just dont mean to hurt you. im really sorry if its hurt you. i cannot just go on like this. i have to say the truth. i just cannot stuck here. maybe later. later, after the exam's over i will talk to you in a fine way. i find hard to talk to you. i have to make a good sentences. not as usual.

fyi, im playing silence war with ALFREDO GUSVIRLI.  i hate him. he got no manner and attitude. and whaat make me even angrier is when i talk "mata uda belekan masi dikucek" he is angry and my mandarin teacher said my chracter with him is not match, blablabla. HOLY SHIT ! im just care about him ! he's my brother !  and my aunt says that when im in a fight with him, i always cry. hello ?? he's big and strong enough to beat me ! and i say : bcs i always lose with him. my uncle says :  biarin aj la. just think if you were me ! fuck. and yesterday, he borrow my guitar and he didnt want to put it back at the cover in my room. im mad obviously. ahh, i just hate him though he is my brother. im craving for a big brother or sister. and the last that really make me feel like shit is my mom just dote him so much ! life is not always fair dude !

ok laa. gotta go ! i have to study first.
chaaao !
pray for me :) ily.