14 October 2009

cross my heart out.

loves ! seems like i havent post for a long time. maybe yes.
ok, just go to the direct thing that i want to say. before i forget.

im just curios. do you really have to compare me with him ? oh, pleasee.
i already try harder than before. you dont even respect me.
you dont know what im doing and you can say that he's better than me.
i TRIED ! its hrt you know when you say it ? you dont even know what im studying.
pleasee, at least gimme some impression. not only saying that im bad, whatever is that.

i dont know why. i just feelin like "arghh, i wanna cry. i cudnt hold my tears. but i must.
i know. cryin is just a way to tell your feelin. but i dont even know what am i cryin for. so its useless.
amazing that i can hold it *pathetic*

ok now, the happy thing.
just now, IXA sang for the art thingy.
i love JERK's voice. kinda bass. yeaa he is !
and when ryan's sang, funny ! really. uhh. HAAAHAHA. ramos said im cryin ? no, im NOT ! :)

nowdays, ppl always talk about the end of the day, 2012.
believe it or not i dont know whether i have to or not. life just go on.

and the last thing is, i never ever want to be "geer" =P
so dont make me "geer"
i cross my heart out.
buck up chacha ! :)

three things that i know are you dont love me anymore, you wwont love me for the second time and im not pretty at all in your eyes. dont know why i love these sentences. GEEZ !