09 October 2009

no one will understand what i feel.

i now this post is too late.
on last monday, we got no lesson. we are celebrating the 800 st. Francis.
and also they announced the winner for the last month fashion show, mozaic and mading competition each class.
i just cant believe it. my class is the first winner for the fashion show and mozaic.
see the information here.
actually, i want to post this from yesterday.
but, i cant. blame it one the test. religion, civics, social study and art test.
and now, the internet is so slowwwwwwww. ahh. i hate it.
see the pics MAYBE in the next post.
i have try to upload the pic now but it's failed.

ow yea. for the earthquake at padang, OSIS at my school will "ngamen" like that laa.
we start on thursday at canteen and tomorrow will be the last day.
i have the pics.
MAYBE later i'll upload in the next post.

just now, the mid semester are given to us.
thankfully, my parents are not called by the school.
well, the score is bad. im not satisfied at it.
and i HOPE i can fix it all well.

and just now i finally know my piano exam result.
shitt ! its not good at all !
my teacher said that the examiner said that i was really good at my first piece but very very bad at my second piece. and thats make me got no high mark.
my oural and sight reading not too bad and my scale just like that laa.
arghh. she also said that my techniques are bad :(
well, whatsover.
i must practise more maybe.

a word specially for YOU.
oh my. dont act like you know me but you dont !
dont say a single word about me cuz you dont even understand me.
you dont even know who i am.
just shut up youu !
arghh ! the more i see you, the more i WANT to hate you !