30 October 2009

sittin in the silence.

this is so looooooooong since my LAST post.
i dont know what to post either. hehe.
i misssss blogging !
i got LOADS to do ! the test !! ahhhh.
just now, physics one. i prefer maths honestly. i must get 65 !
i dont think i can do it :(
there are 7 more test to do, as i know.
tommorow, charitas will join the choir competition.
hope ya all wiin !
tommorow also the futsal match between charitas and djuwita.
sadly, i can't go. i must go to the course ! ahh ! :(
i dont know what to say.
its just like everytime i want to post something i always forget it.
so you see. i got no post. thats no kool at all.
i got no more thing to say.

ps : happy bday cynn ! <3
love you no more.