25 September 2009

remembering something.

loves !
it's been a long time since my last post. im lazy to do that. hehe. what im goin to talk ? school holiday is almost over. fuck ! i need longer time. i need more holiday. im sick of school. i hate school. fuck fuck fuck. on monday i went to singapore. only like that. then tuesday already go back. actually i want to stay there longer.

i aint beautiful but i wish i am. im learning to think that im beautiful. HAHAHAHA. lame.
tomorrow, maybe, im goin to tg. pinang. if i go, i can skip the course. im lazy. hahaha.

i have got many things to say. about everything. including you.
im just afraid that people will start thinking the bad thing about me. cant i post something that i want ?
heyy, this is my blog. not yours.

what to say again ? i forget everything that i want to post. fuck.
err, I MISS YOUUUU. hahaha. who are you ? i dont know.
oh, i remember. i want to have someone. not bestfriend. but i want no one except him. i miss it. past.