18 September 2009

just a few step more and i will fall down.

its just not the same.
my feeling towards you.
its just missing time by time.
just the same as your feeling towards me.
i think, its a good thing maybe. for you and for me.
both of us are seperated.
we are not meant to be.
i might be a stranger for you, but for me, you are not.

im not tough.
i fall easily.
its ok for me if i fall easily.
i will stand up and smile.
but im afraid that once i fall, i dare not to stand up.
im afraid that no one will help me.
im afraid that they hate me.

i miss the moment we spent.
i miss a person called BESTFRIEND.
i miss the time we share.
i miss everything in the past.
im just wish that i can turn back the time.
i know it wont happen.

i guess, i just need more time to stay alone.
myself, without anyone.
this post is only what i feel these days.