26 September 2009

12 in the midnight.

almost midnight now. i havent sleep. i stay at my aunt house while mom go to tg. pinang.
im sittin alone at the living room. everybody have gone to bed except me. i cant sleep. i dont feel sleepy. i just need to talk with someone i trust. but who ? i need to talk urgently ! ok, i talk here. can i ? dont say thing about me. just let me say as much as i want. pleasee.

you are so annoying you know ? i know im annoying but you MORE ! you know why i say that ? cuz you HAVE EVER say that too. im just following you. and when you do that, im not angry. but you ? you MAD as hell ! what do yo mean by that ? fuck !
and you say "i havent change" mksd lo ap si ? gw ks tw aj ya. gw tu g bs diubah. GUA YA GUA. GUA ITU CHACHA YG EGOIS. puas lo ? jd jgn hrep d gw brubah. lgian, lo nydar ga klo lo jg brubah ? haiss. liat lo kyk gni g nygka gw. lo mw gmn ? liat gw mpe nangis ? gw ks tw aj ya. gw ga bkal ks liat lo muka gw lg nangis. ga kyk dlu !

i keep asking myself.  why i always open your profile at fb ? WHY ? you dont even care about me. you dont think about me. why should i ? SHIIITTTTTT ! arghh !
ok, stop. i must control my emotion, my feeling.

gute nacht. süsse Träume !
PS : i love those pics which i post. thats why i post it =]