04 August 2009

the way that our noses brush together as i kiss you in the strobe light that night changed my life.

happy tuesday ppl !
hahaha. im crazy. i wanna talk a lot but in the same time i really feel sleepy.
idk how that happen to me.
so, what for today post ?
what special today ?
i'll say nothing special !
just tell ya how is today.
the first lesson is ms. rosa.
she's mad at us and for 1 hour she's angry.
she's angry because our class, my class, 9a dont have the napkin, flower, calender and the mading.
we have the mading board but no one fill it in.
no 9a schedule, structure class, piket list.
then the second lesson is mr. bambang.
he's gone. he go to jakarta with henokh ngili, attending the olimpiade fisika.
so, we gotta do his exercise that he's prepared before he go.
only 8 question but i cudnt do it well.
what a shame.
mathematics ! oh my. i hate it.
third lesson is english with mr. kumar.
we got the reading test. i only got 80. T_T
the fourth lesson is bahasa.
ryan's so funny there. hahaha.
kool !
and the last is pkn.
just the usual thing.
yday, i did the art hw because we cannot take it home to do it.
so, its not called hw then.
i did it with andrew, bri and ryan ! =]
and like that la.

till here ya.