06 August 2009

the sun goes down before the night come.

idk why. im feelin all my problem gone.
i feel easier to breath, to do what i want.
just now the uskup Hilarius Moa Norak came to our school.
so, we skip b. indonesia lesson.
then the computer lesson !
im lovin it.
all about internet ! yess !
u see my new layout ?
i love it !
and also my new cbox.
i love the colour.
u see ?
i feel really happy.
well, idk what makes me happy.
maybe that thing.
we walk together in the school coridor and like that lah.
and ryan's goin to magelang.
he mewakili batam maybe for the taekwondo thingy.
good luck for you ! ckckck. ;)
km hebat bgt ! gilak lo. keren lo.
im proud of you. ckckck.
if im still yer gf, surely i will proud of you. realleh !
hahaha. peaceee.
i got no hw for today. all my hw for monday have finished.
i just need to remeber the mandarin word and study the art test next week.
heh ? next week ? next week im goin to skip the school ! yess !
from 12 august till 18 august.
hahahah. for a business.
yaudah d.
gtw lg gw mw ngom ap. hehe.