02 August 2009

i envy them, really.

haiss. i keep asking why cant i cherish my life.
i keep asking for many things.
example, i ask for a beautiful face but kind hearted heart.
im not beautiful, i know that.
thats why i want a beautiful face.
why im not that beautiful ?
im fat and stupid. *sigh*
ow shit.
i envy her so much.
she's beautiful, many ppl love her, she got what she want maybe.
i hate my nose.
what should i do ? what should i do ? what should i do ?
tell me.
i really need yer advice.

i dont want to hate myself more than this.
tomorrow i got biology test.
wish me luck.
and i also wish henokh aldebaran's luck.
he will win at the olimpiade fisika.

enough for today.
bye !