30 July 2009

disaster come !

i know i dont meant to be.
u see, they dont even know that i was here and also tweeting.
do you think its easy to be me ?
than fuck yew.
im making a quick post AGAIN.
im here.
waiting for the "dialog interaktif" for my b.indo hw.
while im waiting, i decide to open my fb and blog and find the percentage of the religion at batam.
but i just cant find it.
anyone know th percentage of the religion at batam ?
pleasse tell me !
im dying.
i got many hw to do.
im glad if i can do it well.
but now, i cant !
i dont know how to answer.
ou yeaa.
forget to tell ppl.
im goin to use this blog to take score for computer lesson.
so i cant post what i want to post "if" i dont want my computer teacher read it.
ok then.