29 July 2009

i enjoy my loneliness but not like this. this is TOO much.

yeapp. like what the title is. i like to being all alone these day. or maybe sometime i will walk with my friend.just ignore it. where are me now ?
at computer class ! yeayy. we study about internet most of the time. i love it. so hows today ? today is just as usual. i'll love my life more if my life is black and white. whatta day ?
ok, ignore it again. what i wanna tell you ? idk. er, yday i went to XXI watch UP and met amel with her family. i love UP. its kool. hahahaa. while im posting this, suddenly he come =]
ok, im insane. just ignore me. i talk what i want. u can talk bad about me but dont rule me. im me. u dont have right to change me. just tellin u.
ok, i make this a quick post.
well, i also dont know what to post.
i dont have any topic.

auf wiedersehen !