28 August 2009

i tear you out of my heart and ignore all your messages.

how if you have got someone that dont understand you though you've try to understand them ?
i know.
sometimes you dont meant to hurt me with your "word".
you used to be my favorite one but in a time you say it.
im sick of this. pleasee.
im not perfect, i cant play well.
but YOU TOO.
you dont even know what did i do, what did i do for all of this stuff.
i tell you some reason and you just say "save yer excuse"

tears are not that easy to save.
its not that easy to forget all of the things that you've done to me.
but you did it.
you are more likely do that to me.

i want to be a child.
children got no thing to think.
all the attention is for the children.
they're adorable, everybody love them.
ppl seldom angry with them.
if they done something wrong they will say "maklum la masi kecil"
isnt that a good one ?
got no pressure at all.
it will be nicer if i got time machine.
i can reply to the past.
i can change the way ppl think about me.
i can start from the new.
i notice the changes of you.
since that time.
im talkin nonsense.
ignore me.
i need someone that can really understand me and i also can understand her/him too.
but i dont find the one like that.
maybe this is not the time.
i need you always.