26 August 2009

i have done much and i regret much too.

pals !
you know where i am. every thursday afternoon.
school of course.
what happen today ?
nothing much and nothing special.
just an ordinary day.
schoolshit sucks but its decrease now.
today's i princip bday.
so i say it.
these days arent easy but this is it. i should face it.
heh ? what am i talkin about ?
im reading ka tika tumbleblog (is it?) at the moment.
i love her tumblr.
the picture and quote are KOOL.
so just open the web at my blog list. "RELIEVE LAST NIGHT"
yday i got many things to say and i forget all of that now.
aha ! i remember it now.
after i went to the disneyland, i dont know why i love their song.
its the small world and what's that called ? pinokio song.
i forget. hehehe.

and i also have make a decision. (woww woww)
i will make myself let him go.
definetly WILL !
cuz i love him =]]
i think only that.
i forget what i want to say.

dont push yourself harder than you can or else you will suffer !