29 August 2009

dont say you really understand me if you dont.

i dont find any special at the moment. i do what i have to do. only my daily activities.
its not interesting at all. i needed some crazy activities or the unordinary one just like the past.
the past ? you dont know what i mean. i miss the crazy pals. you dont know who you are.
im thinkin of making my life more colourful but i dont know how to make it.

my piano exam is coming soon. its just like a nightmare. 15 days to go ! ahhhh.
and i play bad ! shit ! i shouldnt go to the exam. i shouldnt. i should know that im not that good.
i may failed. and if i failed im just throwing mom's money. isnt that a shit ?

i start to realise that YOU dont love me. you prefer them. well, gladly you stop it.
maybe someone tell you how i feel. though i really miss it, its ok. i thought its betta you stop it.
thenkiies dearest you !

its raining today. so i think i might go no where. tommorow i got mandarine test at school.
i have to study. in the past i dont need to study but now i have to. its harder now.

i <3 the bluesky =]
no one knows me well except no one.