01 July 2009

im not the pitiest but im the MOST PATHETIC person in the world..

im not the pitiest..
i only have some problems that i cudnt solve..
but see the other ppl in the world..
they r hungry, they r poor..
im not hungry, im not poor..
if we dont have problems in our life, means we r die..
like i hv told ya before..
but, i'd better die lohh then i got problems..
i dont have any spirit of it..
u see ?
pathetic right me ?
like that person talk abt me !
i dont like being adviced..
i dont like being judged..
but if u want to judge me i dont ker..
and if u want to give me advice i'll listen but im not goin to do waht u hv adviced..
i dont ker abt my life so why should u ker abt it ?
i dont even wanna hear it !
i dont wanna face the truth !
i dont wanna know my problems..
so i pretend like i dont know..
why should u force me to face it ?
i cant do it !
im not as strong as u..

ifucanforgetmewhyicant ?
ifucanlivewithoutmewhyicnat ?
ifucandoeverythingwithoutmewhyicant ?
ifudontmissmewhyimissu ?

if u hate me just tell me !
its better than hiding it..
talking at the back..
like backstabber..
only loser do that..
if u wanna tease me just tease infront of me..
but dont blame me if i tease u back !
cuz this is me !
no one can change me..
except myself with my intention n him !
i wanna change for him ~!
not u !