01 July 2009

again and again.

ohh my fuckin gawd !
5 o'clock in the morning and believe it or not i hvent sleep..
just like yday !
and i decide to go online secretly..
if only i can sleep just like normal ppl..
i want that very much..
if only i have a sleepin pill..
juat now i watched "kontak jodoh"
it so gaje u knw..
i wonder..
is that reality show is true..
i mean, can u believe it ?
they make 2 ppl bcome couple (of course boy and girl) within one day..
and the contestant can easily said they r already fall in love with the girl or the boy ?
is that really easy to fall in love ?
i took a long time for it !
only for 1 person..
it strange u knw..
just know each other and they can hug each other..
ok, i knw they are PDKT..
but, is that reallu true..
one day !
only a couple of hours since they know each other and they started holding hand and hugging..
i just cant believe it !
ppl fall in love easily ?
really weird..
ok, what to talk abt ?
i dont hav any topics again..
i just tryin to get some "good" sleep..
but i cant..
myb i should try kentut's way..
readin pkn book !
heavenly sake, i cant !
readin pkn book ?
i dont want..
this is vacation !
and after that, i'll have no vacation !

ok then..
goodbye !

have a nice day..