24 June 2009

should i change or not ?

tell me ur idea..
i fall in love..
of course not with a boy..
with LG cookies..
should i change my old one into th new one ?
actually i want it..
but, i cant bear to see my old hp sold to th seller..
there got many msg from him..
what should i do ?
change or not ?
i know i shouldnt stay in my sadness too long..
i also want to forget it..
all my regretness..
but how ?
every night, i cant sleep..
i can if im really sleepy..
if not, i will think abt th past n that makes me cry..
so, i usually sleep at 3 am in the morning..

bitch ! wake up !
u shouldnt stay in this situation..
there's long way to go..
i talk but i do nothing..
so hard for me to do that..
and MAYBE its easy for him to do that..
i must get up from all of this..
i know i should..
but i cant do it..
u see the new me ?
pesimistic, childish..
im liking the old me..
cheerful, dont have to pretend like nothing is happen..
if only i can change back..

que sera sera..
u know what is the meaning of that word ?
what happen then happen..
in indonesian, ap yg terjadi, trjadila..
i want to be optimistic..
so hard u know..

ok then..
i wont tell ya anythin agaen..
just tell me should i change my hp or not..
thx fellas !

a tear drops one by one in my face from my eyes..
i know it very well..
making a wrong decision without thinking it for a long time..
think short..
thats me..



Anonymous said...

ganti aja handphone sony mu itu cha.

kmu uda tau persis apa yg harus kmu lakuin kan?
emang nglupain dia ga gampang, ga ada yg gampang tauk diduniaaaa.
mo sampe kapan kmu kaya gini?

mulai dr hal yg kecil inilah.
klo soal ga rela ngeganti hape, mungkin utk pertama2 emg susah.
tp lama2 pasti kbiasa lah ituuuu.

u're just letting those probs come to you now.
you don't wanna fight for them to fuck off, cuz u stick with ur own sorrow n fear.
don't do that friend.

life's kickin u now, what r u gonna do?

lol, okay now.
kok komen ku jadi panjang gini sih, matek.

chachyaa said...

thx bgt ya..
ak jg uda decide bwt gnti hpny..
klo dy bs knp ak nga ?
y skit si..
tp i must go on..
g blh nyrah..
ak g blh klh dr dy..