26 June 2009

i lost my mind is it ?

ppl !
my daily livin..
only like that..
ntg special..
only i consider to change my old hp to the new one..
i dont want that..
many sms from him..
but what to do ?
after i think for a while, yiapp..
if he can why i cant ?
i must show him that im strong INFRONT HIM..
like what ricky said..
i wont cry infront of him..
i miss him so much loh..
time walk fast y ?
when im dating with him, the time is just so slow..
yeapp, i enjoy it VERY MUCH..
but now ?
the time goes fast..
faster than before..
its nearly a month..
ok fellas !
i wont talk much..
let me keep it MYSELF..
its not important at all..
see below..
the pics of my old hp..
and the new one of course..
is that worth for ?

cya ppl !

the jealousy come suddenly..
out of control..