23 June 2009

goodbye tearsdrops, hello smile =]

no more cryin..
no more regretting..
no more envy..
no more thinkin badly..
no more pretending..
thats what i always said to myself..
but can i do it ?
NO !
i've got no intention to forget all of this thing abt u..
what have u left when u decided to forget abt me ?
yer shadow bside me, yer soul in my heart, and OUR moment (not mine or yours) in my brain..
started showing one by one..
i know i shouldnt do this..
but how ?
im still hoping that we can come back like the past we r..
i know im DREAMIN..
im hopeless..
i got no hope..
u call me a stranger not that sweet nickname..
i hafta said that u r mostly perfect for me..
can u tell me ?
hv u forgotten me ?
can u bear to see me with th other boys ?
if i hav to choose, i'd rather hav ntg than i dont have u..
but wht can i do ?
thats ur choice..
i got no hope now..