24 November 2011

Pray for Batam.

I live here. At Batam. A small city near Singapore. So, two days ago there was a demonstration. Did by the 2000++ workers I think. They asked for more salary, UMK (Upah Minimum Kerja). I thought everything was under controlled and lasted for only one day. But who knows ? Yesterday was a mess. They burned the cars and motorcycle, damaged the police post, threw the stone to the mayor's office, etc. I don't understand why they have to do that. Is that the only way ? I know, they're asking for their right, a more salary. But their action are disturbing everyone life. They make everyone worry. Well, I hope they will open their mind and finally realize that what they are doing is a big mistake. They're making a mess and what can they get from this ? Nothing. And the government, I don't really know what they're doing. They didn't take any action yesterday. And why don't the mayor comes out and talk to them ? They want to meet you, dearest mayor.

I skipped school today. The main reason is lazy, the other reason is I'm afraid that I can't go home because of the demonstration. As what I've heard, today will be the last day they demonstrate and will be scarier than yesterday. Well, I've got some news that there are a lot of people near the bus stop at my school.And my friends can't go home. I hope everything will end soon. I've never seen a real demonstration. This is my first time HAA. Well, let's pray for Batam o:)
And yes, today is the Teacher's Day. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teacher's in the world :D