05 November 2011

How Time Flies.

Time flies so fast. It's almost the end of 2011. A new year and start. It's been a while since the new term of school started. Edufair and Yoscup, my school program had ended. How time flies. It's the 5th of November today. I hope everything goes well. Smoothly. I will have my exam on the 28th of November. I'm still struggling hard with some subject at science class. I never passed on my physics test. My score for chemistry and physics are not really good. It's not enough. And if I fail, I might have to repeat grade 11. I try to chill and take it relax. I don't really study hard like other friends. I can't study one week before the test. I study one day right before the test. And about studying abroad, I have to wait until I'm done with my high school. This is not what I want. Well, but this is the reality. It won't take a long time. Because you know, how time flies c: