28 August 2011

Happy Sunday bloggers ;) I spend my Sunday at Amelia's. We bake muffin and cookies.
So, yesterday was just..... I don't know how to describe it. 
You know when you got a person who loves you much and you act like you don't love them just because something like 'trauma' in the past, just because you're afraid when you confess that you got the same feeling as him, he will dump you, and other particular reason like that... And when you started to open your heart, to change, to accept everything, that person go with the tired reason. I know things are not that simple. We urged before, and after almost a year, yes everything end. End because there is no certainty. You're too afraid to tell him you love him but you love and accept the way he treats you. And before everything has ended, you're treated so well until you don't even suspect that there is something wrong, that everything is so fine. MOVE ON BITCH :D