16 December 2010

back to December.

i went to Obonk and made cookies with Amelia, Fransisca and Munich yesterday.

we named it "boobies cookies" ! amelia did actually. "it looks like a boobs with the colorful nipple on it" she said. after that, we watched the football match between Indonesia and Philippines. Revan, Nanta, Alvin, Randy, Andrew, Aryanto and one of his friend were there too.

i thought today is the last day of school. never expect that i have to go to school tomorrow. tomorrow is the day. the report card were being distributed. how's my score ? err, bad i guess. whatsover haa.

today's suxxxx. i got sore throat which is hurt a lot. and.... shit happens too. i dont know whats wrong with me today. im in a badmood just now. yeah, im a moody person. i bet everyone hate my moody characteristic. actually i have tried to be patient. but i failed to be more patient than i have to be.

its Christine birthday yesterday. she's goin to treat us today at Pizza Hut. i wish i can go. but i cant :( tuition suxxxx -,-

er, by the way, i wanna thank you. thanks for being there even when im in a bad mood. you still try to make me smile. thanks for the patient. sorry for being such a suck friend for you. im no good. im sorry. and get well soon dear you (:

hope my mood change. i hate bad mood.


fransiskaLD said...

nice pic,
and of course nice story :)

Alfrecha Feblinesia said...

thanks :D