13 December 2010

now or never.

HEYY. back after period of time. exam's over like finally. torturing because of that exam for 8 days are enough for me. so, the result of my test are........... quite good but im not too satisfied of that result. however, i have to cherish it. there are a lot of people whose score are worse than mine.

er.. er... okay ! choir competition on Wednesday, 8th December 2010. we bet SMK Kartini but we're being beaten by SMA Imannuel.


and then.............
see what i wore yesterday. i dressed like a girl. yeah, im a girl but not the feminine one.

so, on Monday, which is today, i go to school and i do nothing. its boring. but, i have to come, the teacher will do the absent thingy. and i dont want to get an Alpha. so, i play cards just now with my friends. its... fun :D
and we got choir practice. the competition is on Saturday, 18 December 2010. wish us a big luck. the theme is "Visit Batam 2010". im lazy to join actually, but its all because of score. i will get a 100 if i join this HEHE :P
and we also do some doodling just now. too bored.

 kelly makes this :D

i have to go now, school tomorrow, i dont think i can wake up.
and bytheway ! mom asks me to sell clothes via online. so, visit this link. who knows that you're interested ? i've just started it and i dont think im goin to make it :P just wish me luck.

never make somebody your everything, cause when they're gone, you've got nothing - tumblr.