23 December 2009

this is when vacation's coming and you got nowhere to go.

this is sooo boring ! i got nowhere to go and i got nothing to do (except doing physics summary). how i wish i can go somewhere for vacation. i always wanted to travel all around the world ! someday, i will. haha. got any idea what to do ? suggest something for me please ! i dont even have topic to post for my blog. er, what to talk ? idk. hais. very very bored. how i wish tomorrow i can go to sg. but i think that wont happen. mom wont let me go for the second time. grrr. tomorrow's xmas eve. im not as excited as i used to. idk why. maybe bcs of i got no present or im goin nowhere. i just feel the same. there's no anything special.

so i see, you say that to one of your "girl" friend too. i should not envy her. i really should not. this is my fault for treating you so damn badly so that you hate me. im thinkin how if i dont treat you badly. HAHA. so whatsover. its not important now. right ? okaah, you got yours and i got mine's. quite fair i think. though i still cant let it be. haha. so, its my time to say goodbye. haha.