17 January 2012

If your life is terrible, what about them ?

I went to the Orphanage yesterday. It's located at Sungai Panas. "Panti Asuhan Vistos Kasih Ikhlas". The owner is a christian woman. She takes care of every children there wholeheartedly and she handles the kid with love. She gives all of them chance to learn and study at school. She's such an amazing woman. There are 42 kids that live there. Most of them are aged around 5. They take care of each other and they are very polite. They are not "wild" like what I thought. One of them is an autism. Some of them are the victims of Tsunami at Aceh in 2004. Some of them come from the broken-home family. Some of them don't have mom. Some of them don't have dad. And some of them don't have both mom and dad.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. Anyway, this is my first time visiting the orphanage. Such an experience x <3