08 July 2011

will you miss me when i'm gone ?

So hey everyone. How are you and your holiday ? Mine's okay. School doesn't start until tomorrow. I think the holiday is just not enough. They gave us only 2 weeks and other school got 3 weeks to spend on their holiday.

I'm not feeling really good this morning. I mean, I'm dissapointed and sad enough. Why ? Here. My friend. My good friend. I don't think they do care about me. Or idk. They cn go out with their friend, who is my friend too but they forgot about me. They don't even ask me to go out. I don't know whether they forget about me or they don't want me to join them or maybe they don't like to go out with me. The point I don't go out with them. All they ask to join is that 'girl'. I feel like crying. Maybe I'm the one who is over-sensitive. So what ? BEING FORGOTTEN SUCKS. I'm not important for them ? YES. You may say that I envy that 'girl' because I really do. I know I must not. But, you won't understand how it feels like being all alone and forgotten HA.