18 February 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. It's amazing and it's probably the best birthday i've ever had. Yes, it was.
I'm glad I've my friend. THEY'RE AMAZING (Y) my mom and aunt are also amazing :D
So, i got two surprises.
First, its 12 pm, i haven't slept. I'm bbm-ing with my friends, one of them was Windy Hartoko. He asked me to go out, he said that there's a bright star out there, i was so lazy, i went to my balcony and saw nothing. I told him and he said that i have to go to the terrace to see it. I open the door and Windy was there ! He took a cake too. I was so surprised :) THANKYOU XIONK :D *monster hug*

Second, Nanta asked me to bring clothes to the school. he said that he was going to make me suffer by throwing me flour, butter, etc. So i brought the clothes. And suddenly he said that he didn't want to throw me the flour thingy. I'm glad yet annoyed. my bag was heavy and the clothes make it even heavier. So, i went to the physics course after that. Went home,and suddenly Evan, Randy and Jeremy came. I asked them why they come but the wont tell. So, i went to my room and i was surprised. Munich and others were there, in my room, with the cupcakes and the candle. There were Munich, Nanta, Revan, Alvin, Derrick, Livia, Andrew and Amelia. THANKS A LOT GUYS ({}) *monster hug*

I got an itouch for my birthday present. It's from mom and my aunt. THANKS :D
I also got a jacket and back from i lyse (Munich's mom) and i wiraty, THANKS :D
And i also got some red pockets, thank you everyone.
Thanks for the surprise and memories. YOU GUYS RAWWWKSS \m/