13 January 2011


Produced by Dooodolls company. Earning the title as Faster Talker in Dooodolls Planet, Reddish Twin can speak an average 1,000 word per minute. Half the time, no one understands what he is saying except for Sunny Twin who can read his mind. Sunny Twin looks like Reddish Twin but Sunny Twin is orange.

Okay, i bet you guys wont understand what i'm talking about. So, Revan gave me a doll. That's his souvernir from Jakarta. Thanks dude. The doll is cute. And based on the small book that was hanged at the doll, this doll was named "REDDISH TWIN". And those explanation above,  got it from the small book.

At the 15th of January is Yos Sudarso 20th birthday. How old are you, school. We got a bazaar tomorrow. And the next day is Pensi or usually called as Pentas Seni. Hope everything goes well. Amen.

I apologize for everything. I know i'm the one who is wrong. Sorry for my bad. I can say nothing because i know i'm 100% wrong. SORRY.
Kthxbye :D