13 November 2009

this is just feel great, yuhuu !

i have finally make this. my new layout ! thanks lotty to youu, MISSHELL i love youu. haha.
i know im being pathetic but this is the fact. im happy so much and it makes me feel betta than just now.
im in my mood to post. hahaha.

okaah, lets talk about youu.
hey you ! i know one day you will throw me again. just the same like you do last year. i realise that im your doll. i was just being silly. stupido. im tired. you look at me, i mean you rememba abt me when you have noone beside you and when you have someone beside you, you totally forget abt me. its ok, im used to be treaten like that.

just now was totally shit. i hate when i have to debate with ryan. what i dont like is he always said "aku lurisin pikiranmu" emang lo uda bner2 lurus ? ahh, forget it then. nothing special much today. maybe, im goin to do fitness with evan and munich. idk.

bye blogpuff !