05 November 2009

hey hey ! call me FREAK ?!

long time no see bloggiess !
im not in my mood yday and yday. i feel like dying bcs of the test. finally, today's over ! well, i got some test but on thursday. not tomorrow. yeaa !
i got no interesting or special story except that bxtchh. (sorry, i dont hate you but you make it.)
i only feel anoyed with you. you tell yer mom about the problem. hahaahah.
dont you know that you are the wrong one ? you cheat ! why dont you just tell the truth ? better than you deny it right ? haha. its ok. just see later.

i feel plain =="
nothing special these days. only doin "routine" things. believe me somehow, i will try not to do the same "rutinitas" everyday. i feel bored. got nothing amazing. i hate this. i hate being the easily bored me. haha.

sometimes i think. im good at nothing. i got no something unique. im just ordinary girl "pasaran". i wanna have my special, unique characteristic. if i think for the second time, i realise, i got no ability. im not good at counting neither music, theory, music and p.e. there's no something that i really can. do you understand what i mean ? its ok if you dont.

once i think. i should be happy. i should feel lucky. im not with you anymore. you are suckish. you dont understand me. you hestitate me. you put me down. i dont know whether i have to hate you or not. in one side you so rude to me. but in the other hand you left so many memories for me. fxcx.

how i wish tomorrow is sunday. so i dont need to study. i dont need to go to school. im too lazy to wake up in the early morning. this is me. lazy fat girl =,=

i think this post is enough for today. all over, i say thank you to all of youu :)
thanks for being my friend. thanks for accepting who i am. i feel afraid if i cant catch up with y'all, if y'all dont find me interesting. sometimes i feel left out ;)

gutten nacht ! sweet sweet dreams bee <3
you are only part of my past. i must forget you cuz you mean NOTHING now. friend will always be friend. right ? *hug* i love you and i always do. give me a hi 5 ! :)

be lovable if you wanna be loved.

ps: thx sinung ! you make me feel comfortable. hhaaha. its funny. got any other stories ? cmon, tell me ! heheh.