04 October 2009

jreg ! honestly, that sentence really make me sad.

tadi gw dijemput rudy. mw maen basket. tp tw la. klo cowo" smua mn mungkin gw maen. tadi cmn ada ryan, randy, evan, rudy, sodara rudy ma peter. trus kezia dateng.
tapi, walopun ada kezia juga gitu deh. trus omar emyr dateng. tinggi kali la mereka.
trus regina dateng. gitu deh. hehe.

i swear that i wont cry and i wont break it.
i have just read someone post. i was just like "jreg, shit, thats hurt."
hufftt *deep sigh*
its not that hurt. im just sad.
what make me sad is just the sentence. why ?
arghh ! no cryin. i wont waste my tears just for you.
it feels like, i dont know how to say it.
and also, you said that its impolite to read other people message without permission.
i know its impolite. but if you say that, how about your ex ? she also loves to read your message.
well, maybe in the past you only care about your ex feeling so, you let her read.
am i right ? yess, maybe.
enough for the crap.

wish that tomorrow's good day :]