02 September 2009

lemme show you, my NEW BOYFRIEND.

yi tian yi tian
tie zhe ni de xin
ni kai xin,
wo guan xin.
pals !
as usual. you know where i am.
only wanna tell ya.
i've got new boyfriend.
he's so KOOL !
kool rite ?
well, i wonder why they always like that.
act like they know anything but the fact is they know nothing.
i know sometimes i also do the same thing but at least i add the word "kayaknya"
today also i know something about that thing.
i know im no one.
but still. haiss.
they're so close, well whatever is that, i try to forget it.
just now, i do knitting (is that called menjahit in english ?)
im lousy.
i dont suit that kind of thing.
you never meant to hurt me.
you never meant to make me cry.
you dont even know im cryin when you're beside me !
its ok, i'll try to understand it.
she's beautiful. really beautiful.
mr. banu said that outside beautiful wont be last forever.
i know that, but still i envy those beautiful girl.
what to talk ?
err, i just saw her blog and i wont say a single word about her blog because i did it before.
i mean i did the same thing like she does in the past.
im about to go back to my classroom now.
from yesterday, school start the additional lesson for the UN for the grade niners.
its not easy though.
i have to study hard.
im not as clever as henokh. im not as dilligent as hans.
im not good at math and physic.
i like math but i cant solve the question.
well, one conclusion. IM STUPID.
dear God, gimme yer mercy so that i grow taller, pleaseee. Amen.