10 August 2009

you dont know me, you dont even care.

pals !
2 days ago was the end of krisma.
finally after i've waited for long time.
here's some pic.
we gotta wear white shirt and dark colours of skirt or pants.
we also got new name.
MARIA for the girls and YUSUF for the boys.
actually i got some pics at camera but im lazy to upload it.
my house is in renovation. T_T

today is ryan's third day at magelang.
how's he now ?
hope he's fine.
so that he can win !
go go ree !
i miss him, LOL.
i always wanted to blog this thing but im busy now.
got test and hw everyday.
thats why.

just now b. indonesia test.
its not hard actually but i dont study.
and tomorrow's religion and english test.
ok then.
what to post again ?
i dont know.

goodbye !
you dont even know why i cry.