06 August 2009

dont you think its only your lame excuses ?

today is a shit.
lets start here.
see the pics.
its me and markus.
we took it yday.
i wonder why putri like him. i mean a fans of him.
iuw ?

this is the mading.
9a mading.
we did it with the big effort.
and the result is, i like it !

tell ya a story. what happen today.
at first everything is alright.
until the last lesson, english.
everyone want to read the conversation and everyone said "me, me, me" or "i want, i want"
and suddenly mr. kumar throw the boardmarker to ryan.
he's angry, he said that ryan's voice is too louder.
yer excuse !
well, i hear ryan's voice but the other also like bri and donny.
then i decide to speak up my mind.
i said "when grade 7 you also do the same thing with me, grade 8 also."
everybody make noise but im the only one who's scolded by him.
he gave me punishment, but they didnt.
he said "that's because yer voice is too loud."
hello ? my voice is too loud ?
as i know that my voice if compare to their voice (other ppl who talk too) they will definetly win.
many voice of ppl versus my voice.
think logicly !
here come again yer lame excuse.
then i started to membela myself.
he's mad with me !
well, i dont ker.
im just doin what i hafta do. menegakkan keadilan is not wrong thing right ?
i got my right to speak up my mind !
and u got no right to take my speaking right !
u r no one for me ! who are you ? my teacher. only teacher. not parents or boyfriend.
ppl usually said that teacher is our second parents and i never think so.
so what ?
you are ONLY my teacher !
just because you are older than me so you can seenak jidat kw angry with me, bentak" me.
only because you are OLDER than me ?
this world is really not fair.
the older rules.
if i was your father so i can also seenak my jidat angry with you.
unfortunately im not.
i had ever tell a speech at grade 8 about MUNAFIK PPl.
and u AGREE with me.
now, i speak up my mind, i talk infront of you, you are mad with me.
you got no diffrence with other ppl who MENJILAT LUDAH SENDIRI, ok ?
than u said i CUT your conversation.
here comes again your lame excuse.
i dont cut your conversation.
you have already finished talking !
im not cutting your conversation.
if this is your way to show how you express what you dont like, fine.
i will do what you like.
i will speak at the back, bad thing about you.
ok ?
u like it and u love it right ?
fine then.
hell ya !

enough till here.
im tired.
3 years he did it to me.
me ! not the other.
well, if you dont believe that's yer problem.
ask ruben if you dont believe it.
he knows fully what had happened at grade 7 and 8.