07 August 2009

because these days arent easy, like they have been once before.

can i cry for moment ?
i need it.
i really need it.
yday was just like a storm and idk what will happen today.
at first we're just like normal but suddenly everything change.
i wonder why. everytime we text each other we got problem.
debating, cant believe each other, anything lahh.
why is that happen everytime ?
i keep remembering when the first time we sms.
no debating, believe each other, laughing.
its changing drastically.
i always wanted to be a tough girl.
i dont cry infront of everybody.
i make it now.
i feel like what i do is all wrong.
a long story to go.
its not easy to be me.
well, stop telling lie to yer heart cha.
or else you will suffer more.

ok then.
lets change the topic.
enough for telling what i feel.
tomorrow's krisma !
we got the penguatan iman like that.
hope today's betta.
tomorrow ryan's going to magelang.
wish luck ree ! <3
you will win.
i cant wait till 12 August !
im goin to go somewhere !